Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi whomever is reading this.  So, I've been thinking of sharing the knowledge I've gain over the years, and some of the recently knowledge I've recently gained that has made making 2d games SO EASY.  My plan is to make a top-down 2d game, and post updates to this blog as I go.

I would add the critical elements that go into making the game, as well as a running copy of the source code.

Yes, I typically have big ideas, and they fizzle out, but I hope that's not the case here as I feel I can add alot.

The plan is to use C++ (using Code::Blocks IDE) and use these API's/SDK's to help me get there:
SFML : This is the multimedia API, and I really love it.  Easy to use, powerful (Graphics sits on top of OpenGL, for great HW accelration, Audio is on OpenAL, to provide lots of utililty)
chipmunk-physics : This is the 2d physics engine I will use.  It makes representing objects in a 2d world very easy, and does most of the hard work for me.
tinyxml : TinyXML will do the XML parsing for me.  I use xml for real-time modification of different components of the game, including the levels.
gleed2d : Gleed2d is a free-form level -editor (ie, not tied to tiles), and stores levels in XML.  I have found it's very flexible and provides the level editor for me.

So, follow along, and let's see where we go!

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